NV 4040

The Third Eye NV4040 video server is a Remote Viewing & Surveillance System (RVSS) designed to monitor up to 4 (upgradeable to 8) CCTV video inputs with unattended individual-channel & multiplex-channel video recording, video motion detection and flexible video multiplexing display capabilities.
 Viewing of Live or Recorded video images from anyplace through LAN, Internet or optional PSTN Modem point-to-point dial-up.
 High-performance VPM support up to 8 CCTV video cameras with individual video capture processor.
 Up to 100 fps total recording/display speed. *Subject to individual video channel settings & system resource conditions
 Video source switching and flexi-video mapping multiplexing capabilities enable multiplex image views:

 Multi-channel digital video recording with versatile remote download, playback and management.
 Adjustable video image quality, maximum frame rate (fps) per channel and video streaming bandwidth (kbps) limit.
 Automatic video recording file FIFO/Backup management.
 Multi-level user password protection allows flexible access control assignment for each individual remote user.
 Comprehensive video server management and control available to authorised user connected remotely.
 PTZ control, take snapshots of any video images, print or save it.
 Integrated Global Directory Service (GDS) enables Viewer/Receiver easy access to multiple video servers within a dynamic Public IP address over the Internet.
 Integrated System Management Interface (SMI) enables 24-hour server hardware management for maximum system availability.
 Video Motion Detection (VMD) event triggered video recording and VMD alert via e-mail. *Subject to available network/resource conditions

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